Published 10.03.2022 // Last update: 14.03.2022

Kali Masi – [laughs] – Albumrelease

2nd studio album of Chicago’s four-piece KALI MASI – [laughs] was released in March 2021 via Homebound Music (Europe) and Take This to Heart Records (US / Canada / UK) on Vinyl, CD and Digital.

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Coming off their 2017 debut Wind Instrument, Kali Masi’s sophomore record [laughs] is more than a collection of songs – it’s a lifeline. Driving straight through the brick walls of often difficult subjects like emotional abuse, tense friendships and feeling comfortable in misery, the Chicago punks deliver poignant and empowering anthems of identity and self. This isn’t a record of nostalgia — it’s a record of the present. It’s a record for reflecting on where you’ve landed, how you got there and where to go next. [laughs] is an album urgently striving for self-awareness and presence, and for everybody listening doing the same. It’s recognizing you are not what others make of you – only what you make of yourself. (Danny Cozzi)

Press Quotes
… den Geheimtip-Status dürften die vier Chicagoer Jungs wohl mit ihrem nun erscheinendem Nachfolger [laughs] schlagartig los sein. 9/10
… the four-piece from Chicago will most likely lose their insider status with their new album [laughs]
JMC Magazin

[laughs] hat das Potential eine der Platten des Jahres zu werden
[laughs] has the potential to become one of the records of the year
Ox Fanzine

[Laughs] lässt Luft ins heftigste Musikvakuum strömen. Und ein besseres Album muss dieses Jahr aus dem Genre erst mal kommen.
There will probably not be a better album of this genre this year.

Das Album erfüllt eindrucksvoll alle Erwartungen, die das Debüt „Wind Instrument“ geschaffen hat.
The album impressively fulfills all expectations that the debut „Wind Instrument“ created.

Frontstage Magazine

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